LBMA новый номер журнала Alchemist 88

• Silver Linings? By Dr Jonathan Butler. Page 4
• Bullish on Gold, the Shares or the Metal? By Michael Bedford. Page 6
• Monetary Policy in an era of Political Uncertainty. By Jagjit Chadha. Page 9
• Winners of the 2017 Precious. Metals Forecast Survey. By Aelred Connelly. Page 12
• Lights, Camera, Action at Argor-Heraeus Refinery. By Aelred Connelly. Page 18
• Responsible Sourcing. By Xavier Miserez. Page 20
• Three Years on – the LBMA Gold and Silver Price Auctions Today. By Matthew Glenville. Page 23
• LBMA News. By Ruth Crowell. Page 28
• Regulation Update. By Sakhila Mirza and Rachel Hart. Page 32
• Facing Facts. By Dante Aranda. Page 34
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